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Jump is a location sound service based in Barcelona, our clients usually work in Corporate Video, Commercials, Documentary, TV and Film.


We speak fluent english and have specialise in working on foreign video productions that come for shoot in Barcelona or Catalonia.


Sound devices 633 is the centerpiece of our sound kit. 6 inputs/6 outputs and 10 recording tracks, boom pole with Schoeps mics, 4 radio microphones with Sanken capsules and Sony personal monitoring for the director, script and clients.


If requested we are able to send audio to cameras through wireless transmitters and sync the whole system, using timecode. We have timecode cables with specific connectors for all main cameras such as

Arri, Red, Sony, Panasonic and Canon.


Recorders & Mixers
Recorder – Sound Devices 633
3x Mic Preamps – Audio Developments AD160
Shotgun Microphone – Schoeps CMIT5u
Indoor Microphone – Schoeps CMC5 + MK41
2x Radio mics – Wisycom MTP40S                 
2x Radio mics – Sony UWP D
4x Lavalier mics – Sanken COS11D
Personal Monitoring
2x Wireless IEM – Sony UWP D
4x Wired IEM – Superlux HA3D
Timecode box – Tentacle Sync
2x Loudspeakers – Electrovoice SxA360
Boompole – Ambient QXS580
2x Antennas Audio Technica ATW-A49
Rycote Windjammers
Macbook Pro i5 2,5ghz 8gb
Ipad Air 2 32gb
Wingmann App
RF Explorer
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